Mi Familia Vota: Advocacy Department 


  • Democracy Defense 

  • Environmental Justice

  • Voter Education 


Democracy Defense: 


Our work with democracy defense includes working in coalitions with our partners at the capitol and being very active during the legislative session. Our coalitions use different methods to communicate with legislators and hold them accountable. We participate and speak at press conferences, committee hearings where proposed bills are heard, and we participate in sending letters to municipalities when the people’s interests are at stake. Between and during elections, we are active in voter education and in voter support in getting their votes in and voices heard. 


Environmental Justice:


Mi Familia Vota recognizes that out of all of the threats to our communities nationwide, it is environmental INJUSTICES that are exacerbated by other systematic marginalizations as we collectively endure a climate crisis. BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) and low-income communities are hit the harshest and soonest by extreme weather and its repercussions. Therefore, when we educate voters on what is at stake, it is not only our rights but our ability to exist on a warming planet where resources are becoming more scarce and food insecurity becoming more common. 

Voter Education:


Constituents need to be fully informed about how voting works, why their vote matters, and the impacts that their votes have. Mi Familia Vota provides voter education content through many forms such as social media, in-person presentations and workshops, radio interviews, TV interviews, etcetera. The more we expand