Soraya Marquez, Florida State Director

Soraya has made challenges a lifestyle to achieve her proposed goal setting above the learning and humility for the welfare of the people and the success of each and every project she takes on. “Every day, she learns from people that surrounds me without underestimating anyone, because behind every human being, there is something interesting to unveil”.

When she is not working, her family, husband, kids, grandchildren address the most important moments of their life, “a conversation, a meal, a feast that are unforgettable moments”. The faith in God inspires her to give her best every day and to give back to the community the support she has received. Since 2012, Soraya has worked for Mi Familia Vota and in this position, she is able to complete a decisive stage in the growth of involvement of the Hispanic community by awakening of voting interest and its force to be respected electorally.”