Sandy Ochoa, Tucson Coordinator

Sandy Ochoa is a native of Tucson with 5 generations and grew up in a barrio her entire life. She retired from Pima County in 2011 with degrees in Nursing and Nutritional Education for women, infants and children. She has been involved in the labor movement her whole life as she comes from a family of unions. She has also worked for SEIU and AFSCME as a representative. She was also given the Dolores Huerta La Mujer En La Lucha Award in 2021.

In her spare time, she likes to spend most time with her great grandchildren, grandchildren, family, and friends. They inspire her to do the work she does with MI FAMILIA VOTA and advocate for
her community.

By working with the community and participating in committees, boards and educating people on their rights to vote, and advocating for immigration, she hopes to continue building strong communities and leaders for our future generations.